Virtual Reality Guide



I Want VR and I Want It Now

This is a quick guide on what you need to dive head first into Virtual Reality. The items below contain links to products for purchase and more information.

They are ranked in order from the best, most immersive, most expensive experience to a decent entry level at the lowest cost.

(1) I have a newer desktop PC [1] and I want the best of the best.
HTC Vive (~$799 – Check Amazon Prices)
High-end Graphics Card (~$579 – Check Amazon Prices)
(2) I have a newer desktop PC [1] and I still want a premium experience but at a bit less cost.
HTC Vive (~$799 – Check Amazon Prices)
Mid-range Graphics Card (~$429 – Check Amazon Prices)
(3) I have a newer desktop PC [1] and I need to watch the budget but still want a good experience.
Oculus Rift with Touch Controls (~$599 – Check Amazon Prices)
Low-range Graphics Card (~$299 – Check Amazon Prices)
(4) I want or own a Sony PlayStation 4 (ideally the PlayStation 4 Pro) and want a solid mid-range experience.
PlayStation VR Bundle (~$449 – Check Amazon Prices)
PlayStation 4 Pro (~$399 – Check Amazon Prices)
(5) I own a smartphone specifically made for VR (explicitly supporting Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream) and want a better than average smartphone VR experience.
Samsung Gear VR (~$99 – Check Amazon Prices)
Google Daydream (~$79 – Check Amazon Prices)
(6) I want to try out VR and I own a modern smartphone.
Merge VR (~$59 – Check Amazon Prices) OR
Virtoba X5 (~$29 – Check Amazon Prices)
+ VR Bluetooth Controller (~$8 – Check Amazon Prices)

[1] PC VR Notes:

  • If you are interested in PC virtual reality you will still need a desktop computer running Windows 7 or newer with an Intel i5 or i7 processor or the AMD equivalent to get a good gaming experience. A low to mid-range graphics card would be a graphics card that you spent around $200 or more on within the last two years.
  • For PC VR gaming you will want the Steam video game content distribution system available here (it’s free).
  • You might also need additional USB ports on your PC, more so if you get an Oculus Rift but even possibly so with a HTC Vive. PCs can be upgraded easily with a USB card like this recommended one:
    Inateck USB 5 Port Expansion Card (~$25 – Check Amazon Prices)