Console VR Guide

  • Overview
  • Popular Console Virtual Reality Headsets
    • PlayStation VR
  • What Else You Will Need
  • Games and Software
  • Accessories
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  • Typical Headset Pricing: ~$349 to ~$449
  • Prerequisites: A PlayStation 4 (~$299) or PlayStation 4 Pro (~$399) and a PlayStation 4 Camera (~$49)
  • Experience: Mid to Lower High End Range; 180 degree motion tracking, hand tracking

If you already have any version of the PlayStation 4 then the PSVR is a solid mid-level experience and considerably better introduction into VR than any smartphone VR. This is because of the much more powerful processor, the external tracking of the headset, the games are more advanced than phone-based VR (such as Resident Evil 7), and there are more ways to interact within the environment. The PlayStation 4 Pro provides a slight increase in graphics on VR games and faster loading times.


Popular Console Virtual Reality Headsets

The only one available: the Sony PSVR.

Sony PlayStation VR Bundle (~$449 – Check Amazon)

The PSVR headset uses a standard PlayStation controller as the primary input device but you can get the optional Move Controllers which are tracked in VR. It uses a camera placed in front of the headset to track movement and is designed as a sitting experience with 180 degree tracking.

The Sony PlayStation 4 is the console with a virtual reality headset but Microsoft is reportedly working on a headset as well for the Xbox. It is also possible that in the future the graphical and performance differences in VR between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro will greatly increase but Sony has already said that all PlayStation VR games will always be playable on either console. If you do not already have a PlayStation 4 but do have a good computer then you might want to consider spending a little more and going with a PC VR setup.


What Else You Will Need

In addition to the headset and the included components you will need:


Games and Software

Games can still be physically purchased at places like Amazon.

Sony PlayStation VR Games (~$14 to ~$39 – Check Amazon)

Games can also be purchased on the PlayStation network directly from your computer or PlayStation:!/en-us/search/q=vr



PlayStation VR Specific Accessories

  • PlayStation Move Motion Controllers: if you want hand tracking in some of the games you will need these controllers otherwise the games are played with the standard PlayStation 4 controller.
    Sony PlayStation Move Controllers (~$79 – Check Amazon)
  • PlayStation Aim Controller: if you want a physical gun to hold and shoot.
    Sony PlayStation Aim Controller (~$59 – Check Amazon)



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