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PCVRNews.com consolidates the latest and most relevant Virtual Reality news individually selected from dozens of sources into one website and provides unique reviews of Virtual Reality games and technology.

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An alternate reality enthusiast that has liked Virtual Reality since playing Dactyl Nightmare in an arcade in the early 1990s. It’s true, I bought a Nintendo Virtual Boy and although extremely disappointed I still had hope for VR because of reading about the prototypes of the Sega VR and the Atari Jaguar VR. Later on I ended up with an Forte VFX-1 which started to show the potential for the technology but was obviously not quite ready for prime time yet. I played around with phone VR for a while but still wanted something more immersive. Fast forward to the present with all the excellent VR options available and I remain very excited about how far it all has come along.


I wanted to make a VR news aggregation site that only had big news on it. I have found that there is a lot of duplication between technical and VR websites on their VR information, a lot of click-bait VR articles, and a lot of articles with just a couple quotes that are ultimately just indirect links to the real story. I’m already reading all the news I can find anyways and I always appreciate good aggregation of news for the sake of efficiency. I also like writing about my own VR gear and games so I just bring the best of it all into one location.


I’m currently running a computer I built from scratch with:

intel-i7 Intel i7 Processor (~$299 – Check Amazon Prices)
HTC Vive (~$799 – Check Amazon Prices)
Mid-range Graphics Card (~$449 – Check Amazon Prices)

This setup works great for me.


You won’t see third-party ads on this website but I do use Amazon Affiliate Links throughout the website to help pay for the costs of running a website. The Amazon links are based on your location so for example a US visitor with see the US Amazon product and a UK visitor will see the UK Amazon product. It doesn’t make the product cost more to use these links but if something is purchased then I get a very small percentage of the sale. I have been shopping at Amazon.com for a long time and found them to be a great store.

Please feel free to post comments and opinions, but due to spammers if there is a link in the comment it will have to be approved. Other than that I have commenting set up with the easiest options I have available to make it as simple as possible to make for a more engaging site.